Plants are certainly the

most eco-friendly,

BFFs you’ll ever come across

Obviously, they can’t lend you their clothes, chat with you over a cup of coffee or share a hearty laugh with you. But hey, think about it. They pay heed to your rants when everyone else seems to be ignoring you. They never judge you. And even help you breathe!

So how about gifting a best friend to a loved one, colleague or even your best of friends? After all, we all need friends. Who knows, they too might vouch for the fact that the best kind of yaari is indeed,

Paudhe Se Yaari!

To the End Of 2017

We launched Paudhe Se Yaari – Gift-A-Plant Concept Store a place that brings inspiration, ideas and people together and makes them one with nature. Here in our store we sell what we like to describe as

“The Good Things in Life”.

We struggles,we strived and we learned to keep our plants alive. It was fun…and now its even more fun with some experience tucked under our belts.

Our Ikigai (Our purpose to be)

Our commitment to reducing environmental impact has driven our passion to curate products made on intention basis. We strive to recycle and repurpose anything into a good looking planter.

Our hope is to inspire and instill conscious change within the garden retail landscape and indoor planting while continuing to ignite creativity in our community of unconventional and quirky design lovers.

To wake up and create something beautiful related to Botanic line is an indescribable feeling, and to see and meet people that share the same experience is a very enriching thing.

It is absolute bliss and brings meaning to our lives for being a medium between creativity, nature, and people.

Come visit us online or offline to experience our creation.

Stay tuned…