Basfoliar13:40:13 (1KG)

Basfoliar13:40:13 (1KG)



Revolutionize the growth and productivity of your crops like never before using the remarkable Basfoliar 13:40:13! This potent fertilizer comes in a convenient 1KG pack, meticulously formulated to deliver extraordinary results across all plant species.

With its unparalleled composition, Basfoliar 13:40:13 offers the perfect blend of essential nutrients crucial for optimal crop thriving. Say farewell to mediocre harvests and embrace flourishing fields teeming with vitality! The high concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium found in Basfoliar 13:40:13 ensures vigorous plant growth from root upwards.

Observe as your plants flourish with deep green foliage that mirrors their peak health condition. Not only does Basfoliar 13:40:13 promote robust growth, but it also enhances fruit formation and quality. Prepare yourself for an abundant harvest as this premium fertilizer improves flower development and heightens pollination rates.

Bid adieu to undersized or misshapen fruits; instead, revel in a bumper crop filled with succulent produce brimming with flavor and nutrients. Grant your crops the nutrient boost they deserve – experience Basfoliar 13:40:13 today!

* The plants in the picture are only for reference.

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